Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lexie's Still with Us

I'm exhausted from getting so little sleep last night, but I just wanted to give a quick update before I completely pass out to let you guys know that today was not the day for us to say good-bye to Lexie. Dr. Ellis said Lou's symptoms last night could be related to cancer pain, or they could have been withdrawal symptoms from stopping her Tramadol cold turkey on Monday.

Therefore, the plan now is to start her back on regular doses of pain medication for a few days, then wean her off very slowly after that. If her symptoms improve, awesome. If they don't, at least we'll know they're definitely cancer-related, and I'll feel much more at peace letting her go at that point.

For now, Lexie's stitches are out and her eyes look really good. She hasn't been trembling or moaning since she's been home, either. She's going to be sleeping a lot due to her pain medication, and I don't think she ate today, but Dr. Ellis gave us some anti-nausea medicine to hopefully help improve her appetite. So, we'll try that tomorrow.

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