Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Week Post-Surgery

Well, we've made it a WHOLE WEEK without having to rush Lexie to the vet!  Hooray!!!  I am also happy to report that, as of this morning, the swelling above Lexie's right eye looks like it may have gone down a tiny bit.  It hasn't improved much, by any means, but some progress is better than no progress.  I'm not worried about it being an abscess, either, because it's not tender, it's not seeping at all, and it doesn't feel warm to the touch.  In fact, her incisions actually look really good!  She's such a good patient, too.  She never protests when I apply a warm compress to her eye, and last night she even let me clean some of the dried scabs off of her cheek and the bridge of her nose without whining or even moving a muscle.  I figure Lexie's been poked and prodded so much at this point that she probably understands that people are actually trying to help her whenever they mess with her face and eyes like that.

As far as adjusting to being blind, Lou is definitely getting around the house a little better than she was a week ago.  She still gets a little lost from time to time, and she still refuses to go out onto the back deck or use the bathroom in the back yard for some unknown reason; however, she does a much better job of finding the water bowl in the kitchen all by herself, and Lexie has even established a preferred route from the kitchen into the living room, which is through the dining room. 

Lexie is also finally becoming more confident about climbing onto the couch, which makes me very happy because that has always been her favorite spot to snuggle and sleep.  For a while, she would only get up on the couch at night, after Justin and I had gone to bed.  We had tried coaxing her onto the sofa with us several times over the last few days, but she would always just lay down by our feet instead.  Then, last night this happened:

I still tear up when I watch that video.  Haha! 

We also decided not to give Lexie any pain medication last night, as she seemed more alert and hasn't really been showing any signs of pain (when we first brought her home, we knew it was time for her pain medication whenever she would kind of start trembling).  Our plan is to cut back on her Tramadol and only give it to her once in the morning because it will help her sleep while we're at work.  If she starts showing any signs of pain, of course, we will give her another dose at night, but I really don't think we'll need to.

So, overall, Lexie's first week of recovery has gone fairly smoothly.  We're still about another week away from being able to have her stitches removed, but in the meantime these are the next signs of progress that I'd like to see:
  • I'm hoping that the swelling above Lexie's right eye will greatly improve within the next week.
  • I want Lexie to eat better (we're completely cutting out table food for all the girls). 
  • I'd love to see Lexie's mood improve.
  • We'd eventually like to ween her off the pain medications completely.
  • I expect Lexie to become even more familiar with the layout of the house and bump into walls, furniture, etc. much less.


  1. I can really see her feeling around the couch to find her way up. I think this is progress!

  2. Any time Elka has been on painkillers (her spay, her broken toe), we've ended up cutting them out sooner rather than later. She'd seemed really agitated and totally spaced out and didn't like it at all. Of course, what Lexie is going through right now is far worse than anything Elka has gone through.

    I wonder if you might try something like coconut oil on Lexie's food? It wouldn't take a lot (a tablespoon or so), has theoretical health benefits, and smells good in a strong way.

    Question about your front door versus the one in the back: I've seen the pictures of your back deck, but what is your front porch like? Is it decking as well, or is it solid? The hollow under-deck noise and feel might be weirding Lexie out in her current state, and if your front steps are concrete or something like that instead, that could feel more secure.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jen! Kristy (above) texted me after reading your comment to say that she's been wanting to buy coconut oil anyway, so she's going to let me borrow a little and see if it helps.

      As for the front door versus the back, you are exactly right. My front steps and walkway are concrete. However, Lexie has gone out on the back deck to use the bathroom for the past eight years, so I wouldn't think that the feel it would freak her out at this point, although I could very possibly be wrong about that. My mother also suggested that perhaps Lexie is freaked out by the smell of the new railings and lattace that my friend, Shane, recently put up for me. Whatever the reason, I really hope she eventually gets over it because it's kind of a pain having to put on her harness and walk her out front every time she has to use the bathroom. :-/

    2. Hah, welcome to my world, where Elka isn't disabled, but myst be taken out back on a leash. It started originally because only part of our fence was up when she was a puppy, and it got ingrained enough that if we just try to send her out back on her own, she stands in the middle of the yard and barks at the house, because clearly Mistakes Have Been Made.

      The smell of the new railings and lattice could be it too! I thought it but didn't mention it. Really, though ,we only ever guess at what's going on in those heads of theirs!

      Elka is kind of a nut for the coconut oil, when I use it. I switch it up sometimes, because she was starting to hint that she wouldn't eat her food if the coconut oil wasn't on it, and I didn't want to encourage that. This way keeps her guessing!