Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Red, White, and Lou!

I am so thankful that Justin and I were able to stay home with Lexie today because of the 4th of July holiday.  All of my friends are headed to a big cookout, and I have to admit that I'm starting to feel a little cooped up, but there's no way I'd leave my Lou today.

She's been sleeping most of the day because of her pain medication, but when she's awake she seems happy, despite how awful she looks.  I'm trying to keep her face clean, but it's a losing battle right now.  Her right eye is really worrying me.  I'm not a vet by any means, but it looks to me like she may have busted a stitch or two.  I tried calling MedVet, but they told me the ophthalmology department isn't in today, and Animal Care Clinic is closed today, too (i.e. the one downside to having Lexie's first day home fall on a holiday).  Yesterday, the veterinary ophthalmologist at MedVet told me that it's normal to see some bloody discharge coming from Lexie's eyes over the next several days, but right now it looks like it's just plain blood.  It's not gushing, though, and her incision doesn't look like it's bursting or anything, so I'm hoping to just wait until tomorrow morning to take her to see Dr. Ellis.  If it starts to look worse, I'll take her to the local animal ER tonight.  

The other thing that's worrying me a little is that Lexie hasn't peed all day.  She went out this morning without any problem, but she didn't pee.  For the rest of the day, anytime I've tried to let the girls out Lexie will walk to the back door, but then refuses to come outside.  The last time I tried to get her to go out, just a few minutes ago, she actually started trembling as Justin and I tried to coax her outside.  I'm not sure if it's the temperature that's making her hesitant to go out (it's almost 100-degrees today), or what.  I'm hoping she'll go tonight when it's cooled down.

In the meantime, I've decided to put Lexie's inflatable collar on her to prevent any further damage to her incisions.  (I still cannot believe she was sent home without an E-collar!)  She has been pretty good about leaving her stitches alone, but every now and then I'll catch her rubbing her face on the carpet.  I'm sure those stitches are itchy and uncomfortable, but I'd just rather be safe than sorry.  My poor Lou.  I'll be so glad when she's healed so I can stop worrying!


  1. Courtney,

    I don't mean to sound like a troll, but, it seems to that the MedVet did a poor job with the initial diagnosis and treatment. You might have even saved both her eyes if glaucoma was even considered as a possibility by the vet. Sorry, just stating the obvious.

    Anyway, give Lexie a big hug from the anonymous posters.

    1. You're not being a troll; however, I'd like to make very clear that Lexie WAS tested for glaucoma at both Animal Care Clinic and MedVet when this whole ordeal began and she did not have it. She had anterior uveitis, which subsequently CAUSED the glaucoma. I am fully confident that Lexie received the best possible care. My ONLY complaint was that I had no idea that glaucoma could develop secondary to anterior uveitis until it happened to Lou. With that said, even if Dr. Corbett had informed me about this possibility, it would not have stopped it from happening. Glaucoma develops VERY quickly and without warning. To put it into perspective, I'm sure you are aware that there is a possibility that cancer can develop in anyone, at any time, for any number of reasons; however, knowing this fact will not prevent it from happening.

      I appreciate you sharing your opinion, but I just wanted to clarify that Lexie was never misdiagnosed. :)

  2. June still won't go outside very often when it's hot, cold, raining (so most of the time). We have to make her. She will literally hold it for days. Walking her is the only way to really get her to use the bathroom (she loves walks). Today, for instance, I pushed her out once and she walked down the stairs and came right back to the door and hasn't been out since. She can also be very stubborn about eating too. Especially for the first several months after her last surgery. As for the bleeding and swelling, you can try placing a cold washcloth on her incision to give her some comfort and help clean the incision (if she will allow it). I hope she hasn't burst any stitches. It is definitely good to keep the e-collar on, so she won't try scratching at her eyes. We kept June pretty sedated the first several days while the healing occurred. I feel like that was best for all involved at the time. Try to have a good holiday despite the worries.

    Jess McCormick

    1. Jess,

      Thank you so much for sharing. That actually makes me feel better. I got Lexie to come outside just a moment ago, but she immediately tried to go back in and never did pee. It's getting dark, though, so I'll try again in about an hour.

      As for her bleeding/swelling, I have been putting a cold washcloth on her eyes to try to keep it down. I'm also noticing that her eyes don't seep or bleed as much until she gets up and walks around. It does kind of look like a stitch may have been busted at the top of her incision, though, so I plan on taking her to see Dr. Ellis in the morning to re-stitch it. In the meantime, she's wearing her inflatable E-collar and is tolerating it very well. It's kind of like a little built-in pillow whenever she lays down. :)

      Thanks again for sharing. It was very helpful.