Thursday, July 12, 2012

Missing Lou, Part 2 (Pics)

I thought I'd take a moment to share some of the photos of Lexie I've been staring at on my iPhone for the past week, just because I'm missing her so badly and cannot wait to see her little face on Saturday (or possibly tomorrow night)!!!

Me and Lou:

After a walk with Lexie and her sisters, Jocie and Sam:

Lou loves to cuddle more than anything in the world, and her two favorite things to cuddle are her stuffed animals.......

....and her big sister, Sam.

Lexie has recently done a little bonding with our new roommate, Ashley:

Lexie especially loves her "adoptive" Daddy, Justin:

Lexie is also very helpful around the house.  She loves to "help" Justin cook.....

....and occasionally she will "help" me fold laundry:

Here are just a few examples of why we so loving call Lou our "little turd" (we mean that in the best possible way, I swear):

She likes to eat my Burt's Bees:

This next photo was Lexie's way of telling us one night that she was hungry.  She carried her bowl into the living room, but when we ignored her, she found her bunny and put it into the bowl, as if to demonstrate for us the fact that we were supposed to put something in the bowl (my favorite part of this photo is "the glare"):

In general, Lexie is pretty adorable:



  1. Lexie is so beatiful. I can't wait to read about her homecoming! I just can't imagine how hard it would be knowing all the things she has gone through without you being able to be with her. I think we will understand if it takes you a few days to update once she's home - lots and lots of snuggles will probably take up all your time for awhile. Stay strong!

  2. Boy, you just said a mouthful! I've been telling everyone how much I hate the fact that Lexie has been adjusting to her blindness without me for the past couple of weeks. I know she's in good hands at MedVet, but still. I feel like I'M the one who should be taking care of her right now!

    Anyway, don't worry, I will have lots of pics and updates over the weekend! Thank you so much for commenting, and especially for saying Lexie is beautiful. I happen to think so, too. :)