Friday, July 6, 2012

Lou's New "Hippy Doctor"

I'm not going to lie, I've been really bummed today.  I can't believe my Lou was only home for 11 hours, and now she's back in Ohio until next week.  I was so ready to move forward with her.  I was actually looking forward to working with her and helping her adjust to her blindness.  The most important thing to me is getting her back to being happy.  I want her to enjoy her new life, and I want to enjoy it with her.  Therefore, having that false start on Wednesday was a huge disappointment, and after having so many disappointments already (i.e. "Lexie is not going blind!"), this one seems to have knocked me down quite a few pegs mentally.

So, I was driving home from work today, feeling rather numb and trying to talk myself into meeting some of my friends out for trivia tonight (I haven't really hung out with my friends in probably a month, ever since this whole ordeal first began), but not really feeling like it, when MedVet called.  The woman on the phone introduced herself as Dr. Wagner from Integrative Medicine, the department that Dr. Webb said she was going to consult about boosting Lexie's immune system.  Dr. Wagner told me that she had started giving Lexie mangosteen juice, which is a tropical fruit that is used to boost the immune system and improve mental health, and AgariGold, a mushroom extract that also helps strengthen the immune system, among a number of other health benefits.  Not only that, but Dr. Wagner said she's been giving Lexie Healing Touch therapy.  According to the Healing Touch for Animals website, this technique "allows the natural regulation of the immune system which encourages the healing process and promotes well-being."  Hey, call it hippy medicine if you want, but I'm willing to try anything at this point.  Besides, Dr. Wagner said that Lexie LOVES her Healing Touch massages!  She said that Lexie let out a couple deep sighs and then fell fast asleep, to which I could only reply, "Awwwww!"

I got off the phone with Dr. Wagner feeling even more confident that Lexie is absolutely receiving THE BEST care possible at MedVet.  What other place offers their animal patients both traditional medicine and alternative holistic treatments?  Actually, after reading up on Lexie's new supplements (see links above), I may start giving mangosteen juice and AgariGold to Jocie and Sam, too.  :)

Anyway, that phone call was a much needed pick-me-up.  I may take a nap, and then get ready to go out and do some non-dog-emergency-related things with my awesome, supportive friends, whom I've been missing very much.

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